The guest bathroom.

Blogger decided to go on vacation for 21ish hours on Friday and I'm convinced that it was a wise and slightly-irritating maneuver on their part to encourage me to edit my list of wants for the guest bathroom. I tried, and hopefully I succeeded. The reason why it's so hard for me to pare down the list is because this is going to be MY bathroom as much as it will belong to guests. It'll be attached to the new craft/guest room (my Mom started this tradition, so all you craft-averse dudes out there can blame her), and it will be the place I pee in the middle of the night while I'm frantically creating [wonderful and amazing] things. Thusly, there are a few requirements. The first? Color. The second? Lots of awesome handmade and vintage touches. The third? A chalkboard! This chalkboard, even.

A chalkboard, Meaghan? What the hell? I can hear you saying this, and I'm going to need you to trust me. My parents raised my brother and I with a healthy appreciation for keeping oneself entertained in the bathroom (not like that! Intellectual entertainment!). Like I said in the master bathroom post, there ain't no shame in reading a magazine or doing a crossword puzzle in the bathroom in my house. Thusly, it only makes sense to increase the entertainment value of the area surrounding the commode...and I was specifically inspired by this post from stationer Wit & Whistle. I trust that you will go there and read it, laugh as much as I did and understand fully why I want a chalkboard next to the toilet. Can we move on now?

Above the toilet will hang a few of these rustic wood shelves. I will line them with things that amuse and delight me including vases, candles and little houses with weird things coming out of the chimney.

Next to the sink, a hand towel in gray and white stripes. Depending on the existing hardware, it might hang on this white lacquered knob.

On the counter with the sink, something I've had a love affair with for far too long on the internet - a soap dish (I'm weird). Also, a vintage wood bowl for wrapped soaps, jewelry, treats for my guests...or chalk for my chalkboard!

Situated near the shower, this vintage egg crate, filled with fluffy white towels and possibly a few magazines...of astounding intellectual value!

And finally, as a gesture of kindness to my guests...scratch that. Finally, as a means by which my toes can wrinkle in a warm and relaxing bubble bath WHILE crafting, this!

I have this thing about white shower curtains, so I will likely buy the same shower curtain mentioned in the first bathroom post, but in lieu of brightly colored towels I'll stick to white. Perhaps I'll include a stack of bright washcloths in reds and oranges. I think it will be a fun and stimulating yet relaxing space for guests and crafters to enjoy. Now to plan all of the other rooms...


  1. Mom got it right!

  2. Your future bathroom sounds awesome! My bathroom chalkboard currently says "We aim to please. You aim too please." :)


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