Marvelous: Europa Touring Maps

Waking up on Monday morning is a damn sight easier when you have awesomeness like this in your inbox! These brand new Europa Touring Posters from These Are Things, purveyors of all fine things typographic/map/letterpress, are absolutely incredible. One of my favorite things about living in a European city is that they all seem to have water running through them in some way (except Athens!); I mean, it makes sense, right (trade, travel, romantic walks, etc.)? Captured in simple, crisp detail, the rivers that move through some of our favorite European cities are matched with incredibly saturated hues and graphic representations of the most important landmarks. 

I can see these hanging in a group together above your sofa or in the study. Or, for your favorite city, impeccably framed and featured above the fireplace. Or next to the picture of you hugging a statue in the same city! Get these before they're gone, too. Limited editions of 100 prints each. And make sure you sign up for the These Are Things mailing list...there's always a special treat contained within them!

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