Railroad Chic

If you asked me what my design aesthetic was, I'd probably have a hard time answering. There's room in my heart for a lot of different aesthetics and this often leaves me confused as to where to start...or what to want, more precisely. I think the overarching theme with my design desires centers on my strong need to have everything mean something. Whether I'm using the old, scratched up telephone table that belonged to my great grandmother as a mini-console in our entryway, or the steamer trunk she brought over with her from France as the surface upon which I rest my television (sorry Great Grandma!), or the brown corduroy sofa we bought at IKEA that reminds me of autumn and comfort and Em, most everything I own has some sort of intrinsic feel-goodness. It shouldn't surprise you that when I saw these Railroad Tie pieces at VivaTerra, I had a feel-goodness attack.

Constructed of reclaimed teak, pine and ironwood from now-defunct railroad lines, these pieces are [for me] an homage to my grandfather, Pop Pop, who spent his life workin' on the railroad, all the live-long day. They have clean, unfettered lines and while I can't be sure until they're in my living space, I'm certain they are sturdily constructed. They seem modern enough to endure as functional pieces in our family for decades and are plain enough to dress up in ways that suit our whims. They are perfect, for us!

There is also a bookshelf which is absolutely divine and an etagere which would look and function perfectly as a bathroom shelving unit. Do we have room for these pieces? Absolutely not. Are they something we could, one day, easily afford? Heck no. Do I want them with reckless abandon? OH YEAH.

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