I have joined the masses and started filling up my bulletin boards on Pinterest. I only have a few boards now, but I expect there to be more as I continue down this whirly, swirly rabbit hole of awesomeness. If you're on Pinterest, follow me so I can follow you! If you aren't on Pinterest and would like to be, let me know so I can send you an invite! Right now they're still only allowing people to join by invitation.

Thus far I'm pleased with both the look and function of the site, although it's a little hiccupy/glitchy. I had some trouble this morning migrating things from one board to another, and some things I thought I deleted were still there hours later. The visual nature of the site is awesome, though, and I love that it expands and contracts depending on browser size. Overall it's pretty user-friendly and the user-generated taxonomy is fantastic. It's also easier to use than Wists or Delicious, which are the other two "link-saving" sites I've explored.

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