The Manicure

 Week 1 - Ski Teal We Drop by OPI

There is something oddly comforting about the toxic smell of nail salons. Growing up, I would spend long afternoons running around with my best friends at their mother's shop where she was a manicurist. I always dreamed of having long, acrylic nails like the sets that Maria expertly created by hand. I used to adhere tape to my fingers and cut the pieces into the shape of long, beautiful nails and color them with markers. I'd fan my face and point to things with my fabulous nails, fully executing what I considered the epitome of fancy. But I grew up and outgrew that desire...rather rapidly.

 Week 2 - A Oui Bit of Red by OPI

I avoid manicures. I am not the girliest girl out there, my work often involves dealing with cardboard boxes, and I also tend to pick my cuticles when I'm nervous or angsty. If there's nail polish on my nails, the picking opportunities only increase. It's completely satisfying to pull a long sliver of nail polish off my nail. Ergo, I avoid the expense...until three weeks ago, when I decided that if my nails were to be in tip-top shape for the wedding, I needed to start now.


I went to my favorite place (InStyle in Fair Lakes, for those who live locally, and where I do get my summer pedicures...which aren't so much girly as they are gay) and I left with nicely groomed nails, softer skin (paraffin wax!) and a commitment to myself that I was going to do this weekly until the wedding. Perhaps it's not the most cost-conscious way to practice radical self care, but it makes me feel fancy. I spend the seven days between each manicure oogling my own nails*...and intriguing** people with my color choices***. I've decided that I'll wear a sharp, bright vintage red for the wedding. Next week, however, I intend to go with this lovely taupe-y/gray shade called You Don't Know Jacques. Naturally, I've become as obsessed with the naming conventions of the various nail polishes as I have with the experience itself.

* Ok, maybe I've even fanned my face and pointed to things like I did when I was a child. What of it? 
** In the case of the most recent color, intriguing is a synonym for "terrifying" or "generating concern that I might have some sort of health issue"
*** I've convinced one friend that all of my choices are directly related to various things about her. The red? Her trampy lipstick. The yellow? Her jaundiced liver. I am an AWESOME person.

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  1. Love it. The shape and length look great. I am like you, so I can totally relate to the picking of nails. Though I will say, nail polish actually HELPS prevent me from picking so much when I get anxious. Lookin' good!


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