Making brooches

There are many things about this wedding that are outside of my comfort zone, and I decided that what I needed to do was bringing something decidedly ME. I love brooches and felt like I could wear them as a badge of honor (strength?) throughout the long weekend. Did some quick searching and pulled together a nice assortment of tutorials, ranging from modern and clean to bold and loud. I stuck to colors I love, but I do think that I'll dig into my felt mountain and remake a few things in different colors to offer some diversity. It was relaxing and fun to use the tutorials and add a few creative twists here and there.

inspired by not martha's Mother's Day dahlia brooch
(Fewer petals that were stitched together rather than glued, and I changed up the inside of each flower. The fabric in the red flower is from dear sweet Chickadee.)

(I use pinking shears on the outside edge of the felt to give it texture)

(I tried different sizes and used pinking shears on the tips of one brooch)

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