desert skye

There are few things in life so splendid as the completion of a knitting project. When your wrist starts clicking and your elbow aches and you think with every flick of your hand CAN THIS PLEASE BE THE LAST ROW, finishing is just an accomplishment in line with Rocky racing up the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum. I completed the bind off for this, the desert skye cowl, last night. While originally intended for my cousin who resides just outside of Las Vegas, I decided midway through the stitching that it was far too warm. So I will keep this blanket for my own neck and wear it proudly. More information can be found on my Ravelry page. And Julie, fret not. I will find a perfectly suited yarn for you and get it knitted as soon as I can.

The hipsterized photos? I couldn't possibly document this accomplishment in any other way.


  1. dangit! i can't even get one row. that settles it. we're having a bourbon, cupcake, short hair, knitting party immediately because that is just inspirational.


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