Without a word.

In searching for the perfect dress, shoes and jewelry for the upcoming wedding, I've settled on the decision that whatever I choose to accessorize with MUST be handmade. It must also be special, unusual and incredibly unique. I have trouble stepping outside my comfort zone when it comes to accessories, but special occasions call for special treats.

For most of my life, I've been fascinated by "statement rings"...huge baubles that sort of jump off your hand and, whether made with metals or gemstones, capture the attention of people without saying a word. I adore Carol Channing for just that reason. Aside from her wacky personality, glasses and voice, she often wears at least one statement ring. Somehow she is glamorous AND strange AND unique AND charming...all at once.

In my searching, I have found some wonderful and magical rings. These feature enormous gemstones of varying qualities and colors and are my most favorite. I've constantly reminded myself that I need to embrace the potential for glitz and glamor, but somehow remain my quirky, irreverent and warm self.

How will I ever decide on one? What would Carol do?


  1. i LOVE the red one, i think its the shape, but also because i cannot see it getting caught in my hair if i happen to run it by there...or snag my clothing which i have also done with rings. beautiful idea though! your pick will be brilliant!

  2. I love the smoky gray quartz. It's very pretty. I love a big ring myself, and, I know this is ridiculous, but I am thinking about buying this one for myself for my birthday: http://www.noirjewelry.com/Product.aspx?ProductID=544


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