What's your dream? You gotta have a dream.

I don't make resolutions. It's just a lot of pressure and when you couple how I was raised with expectation, I reject it. Fierce, intentional rejection. So instead, I make lists. Last year, I didn't really make a list (mentally or otherwise) and I managed to fill my year with awesomeness. I hope that I can refocus a little and buckle down on some unfulfilled dreams and wishes I've had for years. Like such as...

Make donuts.
My mom would make donuts now and then when I was a kid (even funnel cakes!), but I've been afraid of hot oil my entire adult life and it's time I get over it. There are too many delectable recipes for donuts out there and I need to stop being such a wimp.
Get some sewing lessons.
I can sew...I have sewed. But I also haven't taken the cover off my sewing machine in close to a year. I have things to make, like pillows for the bedroom with old button down shirts. If I sew them, we can finally hang curtains. If we hang curtains, we might actually get a headboard. If we get a headboard, I won't have to close the door to our incomplete bedroom whenever we have guests.
Can more tasty things!
I learned how to can in 2010 and I made sure to put up some very tasty apple butter. But there's so much more I could can! So on the list I have things like strawberries, tomatoes, apples and maybe even grape jelly.
Melt chocolate smoothly.
What? You can't melt chocolate, Meaghan? I thought I knew you! Honestly, I thought I knew me too. But I can't do it. So I am committed to melting chocolate smoothly in all its varying forms and making things with it. Those cute molds at the craft store? Dammit, everyone I know will have a SpongeBob Squarepants chocolate lollipop before the year ends!
Bake a loaf of bread.
Again, I know you're shocked. Especially my closest friends. I have helped my mom bake bread before, and I have successfully used yeast to make my great-grandma's Thanksgiving rolls once before. But I want to make bread! And I figure that I, like Jesus, will bake the first loaf and then thousands will appear. It is my way.
Make shit.
I don't think I can clearly convey to you, dear readers, how many patterns for crafty things I have bookmarked, saved, printed out, or committed to make over the years. Thousands, probably. I hope to compile a list of all of these patterns and make 25-50% of them. I know I can do this because I'm accountable to people...like my friends, my godkid, my mom and the new group I started at work called Craft Council. Things will get done!
Stick to the budget!
I've already created and finished our 2011 budget, complete with massive debt control, savings and other awesome things. Maybe it's because I'm a grown up, or maybe it's all the sound bites of Suze Orman over the years turning from seeds to sprouts inside my head, but it is time to get this right.
Go to Switzerland during Herbstmesse with Em; eat lots of rรถsti; hug my aunt and uncle on their first wedding anniversary.
This is mostly self-explanatory and easy enough. We just have to buy the tickets and save the vacation leave at work. We can do it.  
Knit something new every month.
Lots of incredibly skilled knitters have this goal and while it seems daunting, it might make the Christmas gift-giving stress a little easier to manage. Or I might just have to wear scarves year-round. It's hard to say.
Take a photography class.
My father-in/out-law took a photography class this year and stocked up on boatloads of camera and computer equipment to satisfy his new hobby. I am jealous. So I will take a photography class at the university and hopefully justify asking Santa for a Canon EOS Rebel (or whatever) next year.
Host parties and get-togethers more often.
On the agenda I have a brunch (for which I bought the invitations THREE YEARS AGO), a fondue party, and another successful Christmas cookie party. Maybe I'll host a sports-oriented party, like if the Red Sox play well once the season starts up in the Spring. I just want to justify my love of appetizers, and sharing them with other people seems to help.
Make a t-shirt quilt for Em.
My partner Em loves t-shirts, and we currently have a bag of shirts sitting in our bedroom that need to be re-purposed or re-homed. I plan on using those sewing skills I talked about up there and turning them into a simple quilt for the living room.
Train Seamus to be a more obedient dog.
He is often a brat. He barks when he shouldn't and won't stop when we say so. He chews things when he's anxious or feeling retaliatory. So we're going to go to doggie school and help him work these things out. This will happen shortly before he turns into a hibernating, lazy pug lump, of course.
Visit my brother in NYC at least once every two months.
He's back and settled. There's no excuse. Staying with him puts me steps away from Sylvia's famous soulfood and a delicious French bistro. I can teach him how to cook and bake. I can go to Fishs Eddy. I can drink unlimited mimosas with hilarious gays. I can hang out with his super sweet roommate. And maybe I can even meet his boyfriend (OMG I AM SO EXCITED).
Go on more dates with Em.
Movies, hikes, meals, short day trips, weekends away (like to the Canalside Inn in Rehobeth, perhaps?). It needs to happen!
Spend the entire month of December doing and enjoying Christmasy things.
I don't usually have regrets, but December 2010 was hectic and I didn't get to do as many Christmas-oriented activities as I would've liked. In 2011, I promise to decorate more, spin around in the chilly wonderland, bake cookies, wrap presents. I also promise to not sprain my ankle in the Upper West Side preventing me from visiting the tree at Rockefeller Center. Dammit.

Do you have any goals? Did you make a list of projects for the new year?

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    1. Can I steal your list because this sounds delightful to me? You know, so many people make those 30 before 30 lists, and well, ahem, I'm sort of past that. However, I always thought, "why not make a list like that anyway?" So now I have an excuse. It's a New Year list!

    2. Sewing is on my list too - a coworker found me a place I might be able to take lessons with the tiny bucko. I want to try to make bagels at least once. I want to visit my uncle in Seattle. I want to go to Mass more than three times this year. I want to grow some more rosemary wherever it is I end up residing. And, as mentioned elsewhere, I want to spend more time doing stuff with you and Em! :)

    3. Hey Meaghan,

      I just talked to you about this, as in, about 2 minutes ago, but I wanted to say again that I think this is a great idea. In fact, JFM mentioned a 30 before 30 list so it think I will make a list to blend a yearly to do list with my 30 before 30 list since, in case you didn't know, I turn 30 next February! Yowza!


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