Five-ish years ago, I sat with some friends and learned how to knit. Just the basics, really. Knit, purl, knit, purl. I taught myself how to bind off that year on Christmas Eve, hiding in the den away from my brother who would be the recipient of my first knitted project. I guess I didn't really have the attention span back then and never really stuck with it. I got some looms and made a few things for people, but then I just stopped. Thanks to a cheerleading Chickadee and the inspiring projects available at Ravelry, the knitting bug bit me again. Maybe I've grown and that's why I have the attention span needed to complete a project. Nevertheless, in December I knitted a cowl for my brother and a cowl for me! I chose projects that were handsome but not overly sophisticated, each one embracing a new skill.

compromise cowl :: Quince & Co. pattern & yarn :: puffin in parsley

Thanks to my brother for loving the green cowl, his gift, and posing for my snark-inspired photo shoot. These projects have inspired me to fill 2011 with knitted projects galore!

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