Oh, hello. How are you? Have you missed me? I've missed you!

Rather than rambling on with an excess of excuses, I'll just say that my life has been hectic since we ushered in the new year. Between work, my personal life, knitting, starting an awesome new secret club and planning a rehearsal dinner for an upcoming family wedding, I have little time to turn my thoughts into anything but chaotic neurotransmissions with no particular meaning. HOWEVER! I have been collecting lists of fabulous things relating to design, fashion, jewelry and party planning. Look forward to more of that awesomeness in the coming weeks, beginning tomorrow. Here are some photos taken with my iPhone in the meantime. What an addictive contraption that thing is...

 Em was fitted for a very handsome suit to wear at the upcoming wedding. If you're ever in the market for a custom imported Italian suit, I highly recommend Dash's in Old Town Alexandria. Victor, the owner, is spectacular, charming and he plays the best music. Being in his shop makes you feel like you're in the North End of Boston, even though I think he's from New Jersey. He's just that good.

Interestingly enough, if your partner gets fitted for a fancy Italian suit you are allowed to buy an excessive quantity of yarn at Fibre Space, which is conveniently around the corner. This pile does include part of my Christmas gift (the dark purple in the front). I'm not THAT bad. I have almost filled up my first frequent shopper card, though...

Seamus continues to slowly morph into a lazy, completely absurd meatball. Here he is expounding on the values of Repuglicanism during the State of the Union. I am not convinced.

I finished the cable braided necklace by olgajazzy. I love it. If you knit/crochet, friend me on Ravelry (I also added a link at the top of the page) and we can share our mutual addictions to fiber. It's very romantic.

We'll finish with these beautiful, delicious and fluffy sour cream cupcakes with clementine buttercream. I made them for a special little club I just started, but you'll have to wait to hear more about that. In the meantime, just know that the cupcakes were insanely delicious and you are very jealous.

See you tomorrow!

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