Marvelous: Holiday Cards [3]

One of my favorite things to do every year is send out holiday cards. When I was growing up, my parents sent them for both business and pleasure. It seems like a logical gesture to new and old friends to send them a small, lovely, non-invasive gesture of goodwill during the season. In some cases, a lovingly written card can suffice for a gift. I generally save the cards I've received for at least a year; I've also been known to keep the more artistic cards as art pieces or decorative objects in my creating nook. This is just a small collection of cards I've come across over the past few weeks. I realized that it's kind of late to start thinking about cards, but with the incredible selection of handmade delights AND the mantra of "better late than never" running through my head, I figured my fellow procrastinators would appreciate alternatives to the mass-produced, impersonal junk out there. Enjoy!

 cards from Egg Press (clockwise)

cards from various artists (clockwise)

cards from Itty Bitty Press (clockwise)

cards from various artists (clockwise)

cards from various artists (clockwise)

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