2010: A Year in Review

Oh Meaghan became a reality.

I waxed melancholic about Switzerland and growing up. I also started planning for The Fiercegrrl Fund.

We celebrated Seamie's 1st birthday.

I celebrated Butch Month and the awesome butch I call my own.

I made dozens and dozens of delicious cupcakes for a goodbye party at work. I also helped out crafty friends and decided to step back from crafts-for-sale for a bit.

I talked about wearing a bathing suit.

I finally learned how to can...with the world's best teacher (second only to my Nanny, of course).

I baked and talked about things like being a good hostess. I also satisfied my inner kid by swimming and roller skating.

I canned my own damn apple butter. I also started writing about all the marvelous things I find (vintage and otherwise).


I made my first animated .gif (and a bunch of new ornament designs). I also came out at work and visited my brother for Thanksgiving in NYC. Oh, and while I didn't write about it, I celebrated my four year anniversary with Em!

I successfully hosted my first Cookie Decorating Party! I also did much more than I could document in one post.  We'll play catch up in January, ok?

Was 2010 a great year? Hell yes it was! Was it perfect? Hell no! Lots of learning, growing, changing. Work was so much better than I ever imagined it could be. I made new friends and helped existing friendships grow and morph into some of the best friendships I've ever had. I turned 31. We grew into our roles as the parents of a precocious (and often annoying) little pug dude who tested the bounds of our patience and wallet more than we expected. He's turning into this totally ridiculous and cute pug slug now and I love it! I took up knitting (again), I forced my mom to teach me some sewing tips and tricks, I raised a ton of money for my friend Nicole so she can live with cancer comfortably and securely. I said goodbye to a lot of people who never cared about me in the first place...and I felt ok about it! I fell more in love with my partner-in-life/love/crime. When my hives appeared in August, I started acupuncture and reignited a friendship with a long-lost friend in the process. It was just an awesome year. I am excited and prepared for 2011. Happy New Year, everyone.

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