That's my brother. He is awesome. This is minutes before we walked inside that sparkling magical theater to watch the sparkling magical Rockettes kick their sparkling magical heels into the air with sparkling magical precision.

This is how close we were to the Rockettes (and Santa). Considering the size of Radio City, this is like being on the actual stage. The show was absolutely incredible and we had the great honor of touring Radio City Music Hall's massive backstage with the tallest Rockette, my brother's friend, as our guide. I was speechless.

We woke up early on Thursday morning and charged out to the subway to head down to the parade. We ran up 73rd (at Columbus) thinking we could catch a view near the start. It was decided that 11 rows of humans wasn't close enough. We turned around and I proceeded to chase after my brother who has an unreasonably fast stride. As a result, I was not paying attention to the road and rolled my ankle (and then my entire self) pretty dramatically on a crack in the road. It hurt like hell and after sniffling and catching my breath on someone's front stoop, we cabbed it back to the apartment where I convalesced and cried for about 24 hours. I also watched the entire season of Work of Art and RuPaul's Drag Race (2nd season), had a Chinese food Thanksgiving dinner and felt immensely thankful for a brother who was willing to run to the store for Ace bandages, Tylenol, ginger ale and everything else I needed.

Friday night we trekked out (carefully) for a lovely Thai dinner and my Christmas present - AMAZING seats at the Hirschfeld to see Elf. It was charming, cheesy, campy and endearing. I loved it! I also got to see Santa (again). I also have the most amazing brother in the world.

Saturday - brunch with the ladies! We ate at Regional in the Upper West Side which was super tasty and a great deal. Unlimited mimosas for $6! I think I laughed the entire time. I'm not sure how I ate my delicious omelet without choking to death. My brother has handsome, witty, talented and genuinely kind friends and I was so happy to meet them. You know it's going to be a good time when one friend walks into the restaurant and pulls out a copy of Patti LuPone's memoir and proceeds to sing gay scales (gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gaaaaay!).
After brunch we recovered at my brother's lovely apartment with his lovely friend/roommate Matthew and friend Brian, had ginger ale and pizza for dinner, and watched movies that give you the warm fuzzies (like Home Alone 2 and Big). Aside from the shows, the entire weekend deviated from the original plan. It was a great lesson in relaxing, breathing and enjoying the unexpected.

All images courtesy my iPhone (and Hipstamatic).

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