Marvelous: Portable pen pal kit

All too often I find myself carrying around cards, stamps, and pens so I can write notes to friends and loved ones in the few moments each day when I'm not actually doing something like working, sleeping, crafting or playing with Seamus. By the time I come to terms with the fact that I won't ever be able to write the notes until I sit down on focus on them, the corners of the cards and envelopes are torn and tattered, the stamps have partially peeled away from their protective backing and the cap came off my pen causing it to leak all over my bag.

A serendipitous moment indeed when I found the In Touch Clutch from downstairs Designs on Etsy. It's everything I need, all wrapped into a gorgeous and simple package. Available in dozens of fabric choices, each In Touch Clutch comes with pockets and sleeves perfect for cards destined for the mailbox. Priced at $30 each, they're reasonable too! I was thinking about adding this to my Christmas list, but I might need it for my Christmas cards instead.

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