A is for Apron

A few weeks ago I was over at Nicole's place while she finished up an apron for our friend and acupuncturist Suzzanne, and I stole a tiny scrap from her work table. I had the perfect homage to all of her hard work and sewing magic in mind, so I slipped the scrap into my pocket and then got on with my day. Later that evening, home and thoroughly acupunked, I sat in my worn out spot on the sofa and started stitching. I cut a tiny bib, a tiny skirt, I added a tiny ruffle to the tiny skirt and cut tiny felt pieces to mimic the waistbands and patches Nicole incorporates into all of her designs. I cut tiny floss pieces for the neck ties, and tiny ribbons to mimic the satiny ribbon she uses, too. I stitched a tiny little heart onto one of the patches and put this tiny little piece (just about 2" tall inside a 3" hoop) in my stack of items to finish.

Nicole was sifting through my stack a few days later and before I realized it, she saw what was designed to be a small Christmas surprise for her. Since she now knows about it, I'm putting it out here for all the world to see and encouraging you, my dear readers, to support my friend's crafty endeavors by shopping at her apron store, Fancy Bolts. At this point, and aside from the Fiercegrrl Fund, Fancy Bolts is Nicole's sole source of income.

If you'd like your own mini-apron ornament/stitched piece, let me know in the comments. I'm hoping to incorporate more appliqued pieces into my Oh Ginger line, and I would love to make a few special requests for people to get the ball rolling!


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