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Yesterday I took a quiz linked at How About Orange and it confirmed my suspicions:

I honestly had no idea I was this fabulous. So I started thinking about all the yellow things I need to outfit this transition from my former dominant color, red, to the sunshiny warmth of yellow.

When faced with a choice between these two journals from Moonlight Bindery, I find I can't make a choice!  There are so many notes I need, and want, to keep for myself and it seems like a sturdy and lovely journal is what I need to accomplish the task. (Or maybe it'll just be another place where I can store my, no...a place to hand-write my recipes! I'm clearly delusional.)  I'll spend the weekend pondering my selection, I think.

Em has a deep and intense love for ampersands, and I have a deep and intense love for vintage-inspired wood pieces.  We both have a deep and intense love for typography.  So this will soon hang on the wall above the bed, where we have a deep and intense love for...sleep!

My workplace is frequently incapable of staying warm in the winter.  The ancient vents along the poorly insulated library windows seem to suck the cold air, turning everyone into typing popsicles.  These fingerless gloves will keep my hands warm while keeping my fingers free to order all the fancy things professors and students love.

As we approach autumn and winter, the sun sets earlier and we cover ourselves with warm woolens.  Brightness and vibrance falls away.  I'm confident that this necklace has the ability to generate Vitamin D simply by wearing it.  Vintage glass enrobed in oxidized sterling silver.  Sweet, lemony perfection!

Felt has incredible versatility - it can be light and bright or warm and grounded.  In this case, a felt bowl can hold all the treasures you collect on your long walks in the woods while checking out the majesty of the seasonal shift.  Pine cones, acorns, rocks, or the world's most perfect apple.   

I realized yesterday that simple hydration via multiple liters of water each day is now insufficient with the cool weather moving in.  Cover your chapped lips in delicious-scented balm.  Meyer lemon cake, 100% vegan and made with all natural ingredients. Scrumptious!

A smidge of yellow with a heaping spoonful of hilarity.  I'm constantly looking for quirky and unusual things to hang up in my office space, and this is sure to encourage a number of questions and even more giggles.

What is your personality's color?

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  1. LOVE IT! I actually took this via their site a day or two ago and have been meaning to post about it... I've completely slacked on my blog lately. I'm a green, which in all actuality, is my favorite color. I swear I didn't "try" to get that color when I took the quiz. Very interesting. I love that you are Yellow! I agree that you have a sunny disposition (for the most part)... I remember that from all the way back in pre-school. You are always very "cheery". :-)


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