Puglock Holmes

One of Seamus' grandmothers insisted that he needed a jacket.  Something to wick moisture away on rainy days, and to help keep him warm.  We don't argue.  To our surprise we stumbled upon the perfect coat on Friday while wandering around Eastern Market.  We stopped into Pawticulars, Em's old employer, and it was sitting right there on the first table.  Bright cherry red on the outside, blue/white/red plaid on the inside.  No arm holes to fit his wiry and spastic limbs into, lots of velcro and a look that says, "I'm ready for my London Fog photo shoot, guys!"

I personally feel he looks like a British crime solver.  Get him a monocle and a small notebook to jot down clues, and he's ready for action.  In fact, he discovered the pumpkin bread on the kitchen table shortly after donning his new coat.  Clearly this thing has magical powers...

Handsome red raincoat by Hamish McBeth - $30ish

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  1. Hahahahahahahahaha. This made my day. Thank you for this!


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