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I've fallen in love with the typographic delights available at Jessica Hische's shop.  The creator of the Daily Drop Cap, one of my favorite blogs, Jessica works font magic in her studio in New York City and has created an incredible line of letterpressed and giclee-printed art and illustration.  Her 8"x8" drop cap letterpressed prints are incredible and are printed in limited runs of 75.  Priced at $40 each, it's not impossible for most people to acquire an homage to their first or last name, their business or even a modern and hip kids room!  She also has a great sense of humor.

Another wonderful addition to Jessica Hische's shop is made possible with Big Cartel's latest project, Pulley:
The modern artist has a million things to do to stay ahead of the game. It requires a lot of hustle to create, market and sell your digital products. Pulley knows this and has created a refreshingly quick process to get your digital files online and into the (digital) hands of fans all over the world.
Upload your work quickly and promote it on your site or online store. Sales and downloads happen instantly with secure automation, so the only thing you have to worry about is creating more pieces to sell. Which is after all, why you do this in the first place.

She's now offering font packages for incredibly reasonable prices.  I'm particularly smitten with her holiday/Christmas-themed iterations of each font, which I've shared with you here.  Buttermilk is a luscious and bold vintage-inspired font and Snowflake, while reminiscent of the frozen stuff that falls from the sky, has many other potential uses if you expand your color possibilities!  Hische's work is inspiring and fun, sophisticated and accessible.  Absolutely marvelous, right?

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