Marvelous: laser cut jewelry

Lumberjack Guild - $38 AUD |  HB.F.F. - $32 AUD
Tea Rings - $28 AUD | Folder Icon - $30 AUD

I've told you before...I'm always on the hunt for jewelry that stuns and amazes. Or, in some cases, perplexes and amuses its audience. The laser cut wares from Australian Sniffle Co. manage to do all of the above. Accented with both burnished wood shades and touches of color, the brooches, rings, buttons and necklaces all evoke a certain air of completely wacky irreverence paired with a wickedly smart sense of humor. I can imagine pinning the folder brooch to my lapel at work and spending the entire day amused by the reactions of my peers, but I would know with great confidence that I was just being a smart ass! Also - they photograph a fair number of their designs atop cereal. I have no words!

Priced anywhere from $14 - $62 AUD (that's about $13.60 - $60 USD).

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