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Tucked into a corner of Alexandria (VA) just outside Old Town is one of my favorite bakery/coffee shop spots.  Buzz is a bevy of inspiration for one and all, really.  The coffee, Illy, is divine.  They offer hand-pulled milkshakes, a delicious variety of cocktails and fine wines.  There's a bakery case filled to the brim with every baked good you can imagine...and of course there are cupcakes, and they are good, but trust me when I say the tarts are where it's at!  They also have novelty items surrounding the cash wrap and a wonderful vintage-meets-modern aesthetic to the entire place.  It's just a great place to be.
One of my favorite things about Buzz is the decor, actually.  As you walk in the front door and look directly in front of you, there is a huge wall piece constructed completely out of vintage kitchen tools.  Everything from egg beaters to melon ballers, pie plates to pastry cutters.  Then look to your left and directly above the kids play area is a kite with a tail made out of those amazing vintage aluminum cookie cutters you probably remember using with your grandma.  I've found myself so inspired by these installations that I've kept a growing list of "favorites" on Etsy whenever I see a vintage wood-handled kitchen utensil.  I hit the jackpot the other day when I found Kelley Street Vintage.  They have a wide variety of awesome vintage kitchen accessories that you can use to create your own decorative installation, but I'm confident you'll find anything you're looking for using the right keywords on Etsy.  Search under "vintage" and then try search strings like wooden handle or kitchen utensil and you'll be on your way!

Collage links (clockwise from top-left): Three 1930s Vintage Red Utensils - $17.95 | Group of Five Green Vintage Utensils - $26.95 | Three 1950s Kids Red Utensils - $10.95 | 1950s Ecko Tomato Slicer - $13.95 | 1930s Wood Handled Jar Lifter - $14.95
Buzz Utensil Wall image courtesy Satirenoir on Flickr

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