In the kitchen: apples and pumpkins

To be honest, I haven't felt well in a long while. I've been fighting hives and a never-ending sinus infection. While I have tried to push through and cope, I've been feeling really rundown. It meant things like not being able to host my brother over the weekend and making tentative, likely-to-be-canceled plans with friends just in case I was feeling badly. As it turns out, this weekend wasn't horrible. Friday I was able to spend some time with Nicole and Em, wandering around Eastern Market and grabbing lunch at Ted's Bulletin. I got some rocket popsicle molds from Hill's Kitchen and made some apple cider frozen treats to beat the "heat" of the weekend.  Saturday Em and I ran some errands, had a nice lunch together and saw The Town with my favorite twins. It was an excellent movie and I will probably see it again; Boston continues to grow on me, despite bank robbers and scary nun masks.

Today we had breakfast with some family friends and then stopped at the grocery store. I needed a few things so I could bake, the call too great to fight off anymore. Sometimes I become obsessively compelled to make things even though I have no reason to make any of it. So tomorrow I'll take things to work and share the bounty. In the meantime, here are the recipes I used!

These were pretty easy to put together, though I think I could've cubed the apples a little smaller (the liners were extra full, as you can see!). I doubled the recipe and used one cup of whole wheat flour to three cups of all-purpose. I also added more cinnamon to the streusel topping, because I love it. I don't think they are anything unusual or overwhelming, but they are a nice standard apple muffin to have on hand and do their job as a vehicle for heaping spoonfuls of apple butter.

As I type and look at this photo, I wonder if this cake needs something else. I was thinking of going all My Big Fat Greek Wedding and putting a potted plant in the hole, or maybe making a spiced glaze and drizzling it on top. Then I realized that this cake has a whole bunch of good stuff baked into it and aside from a steaming cup of tea on the side, it doesn't need a thing. Let's just shirk off the frippery of sugar-coated, eye-catching, attention-deficit baking and accept the fact that sometimes things in their most natural state taste the best. And this tastes the best. Oh, the buttery spiciness!

I've written about this bread before - Em made it for me earlier on in our relationship and I can't get away with not making it between September and December every year. It's dairy free, which was really exciting when I was off of the stuff two years ago. It's moist, spicy, flavorful and super easy.  Just remember to make the well. If you don't make the well, it won't turn out correctly! I'm sure you're thinking, "uh, Meaghan, you burned the edges." To that I say, "sure did, that's how my honey likes it!" This bread is impossible to screw up!

Unless by some miracle my camera is able to take pictures after dark, you'll have to trust that the mini pumpkin scones I'm going to make will be incredible too.  We stocked up on canned pumpkin this afternoon and I can't help but be inspired by this post, too.

What's your favorite pumpkin or apple recipe?


  1. They all look so yummy, I'll really have to give the muffins a try.

  2. oh yums! go away hives so that ginger can make me some.


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