Good ol' public broadcasting.

I spent Saturday afternoon cleaning out my craft nook and watching some good ol' fashioned cooking programs. There's something about PBS programming that intrigues and amuses me. Some of the programs are just old enough to make you wonder if the content is still relevant, and some of them are so old that you're just wrapped up in warm fuzzies. Such is the case with old episodes of Julia & Jacques: Cooking at Home which is filled with good food, expert cooking techniques, a fluid confidence in cooking that limits the pedantic instruction you find on more modern cooking shows, and the comforting banter between two classically French-trained chefs who both have classically stubborn attitudes about food. In fact, I've enjoyed watching it so much that I've started watching Jacques Pepin: Fast Food My Way and I've added the Julia & Jacques: Cooking at Home cookbook to my Christmas list!

I've also enjoyed catching up on old shows with Lidia Bastianich and Katie Brown, whose youth and exuberance for homemaking and domesticity informed my personal attitudes and interest more than I ever realized.

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  1. Julia & Jacques: Cooking at Home is the most friendly and inviting cookbook, I LOVED it. I hope you get it, and enjoy it too!


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