Fiercegrrl Fund: Call for ornaments!

Many of you may hear about this via e-mail, but I wanted to make sure to crosspost as much as possible.  Please consider making an ornament for The Fiercegrrl Fund!

We're issuing a call for one-of-a-kind holiday ornaments created by artists, crafters and creative people across the land to benefit The Fiercegrrl Fund! We want to make sure that Nicole has the best holiday season ever and we need your help. Last year was especially hard for her because she was gravely ill and approaching her diagnosis and surgery; this year she continues to battle the cancer that presented itself so aggressively.

The task: design an ornament using components of your choosing...the only requirement is that the ornament must contain hot pink! Use felt, beads, wood, glass, yarn, porcelain, fabric, crinoline, plastic, new supplies, old supplies, heart, soul and a little bit of elbow grease. You can glue it, knit it, crochet it, paint it, fire it, blow it, sand it, spray paint it, carve it, tape it, etc.

Each ornament will be sold by The Fiercegrrl Fund in our online shop for $10 with free shipping to the buyer. The composition and supplies are up to you - keep them in the $10-range or go above and beyond.  The deadline for ornament submissions is MONDAY NOVEMBER 15th. Please e-mail Meaghan at with any questions and/or to express your interest. The mailing address will be only available to those who e-mail!

Thank you for supporting The Fiercegrrl Fund!

All proceeds from the sale of The Fiercegrrl Fund ornaments will directly benefit Nicole Puzan, a DC-based artist and crafter battling advanced ovarian cancer without medical insurance.

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