The world's most perfect lunch bag.

Right before my birthday, I treated myself to a new lunch bag.  Previously I had used a variety of lunch carrying devices - an insulated lunch bag from Whole Foods, a paper gift bag (such as the kind you might get at Starbucks), a tote bag, a smaller tote bag or just my purse.  Nothing has met my needs and I decided to wait until I saw something that seemed right instead of continually buying the next best thing.

I first stumbled on the yokomono line on Supermarket and made a point to bookmark many things in the shop, including the lunch bag, called Pakupaku.  Then I took some time to truly consider the dimensions of what I might bring to lunch, including containers and bottles.  I sat with a ruler at my desk and measured dimensions of the bag, trying to give myself an adequate visual.  I decided it could probably work.

The Pakupaku is designed for kids - it's soft, simple, lightly insulated and easy to wash.  It's made with soft cottons and not covered with licensed characters and covered in ballistic nylon.  You can choose from four different exterior fabrics, six different interior fabrics and even thread color.  There is a shorter, wider option and a taller, narrower option.  They have a small and sturdy handle that is lightly quilted for strength.  The interior fabric wraps around the contents of the bag with a drawstring and ties securely, preventing things from falling out.  The quality is evident both in the item listings and in the product once it arrives on your doorstep.

I've used my Pakupaku - I choose gray exterior fabric with dots/multi interior fabric, by the way - for just about two months and I could not be happier.  I've carted it to work, filled with lunches and snacks, liter bottles of water, and even plastic food storage containers.  It holds quite a bit and the drawstring closure keeps things secure.  It folds relatively flat when it's empty, it's incredibly soft and washes wonderfully.  In fact, my Pakupaku looks identical to the item I received initially.  It's in perfect condition.  Priced at $28, it might seem prohibitively expensive to some, but for adults who don't grow and change as much as kids in their preferences, it's worth the investment.  Sometimes I even use mine to carry home precious fruit from the on-campus farmer's market.  It's the best lunch bag ever.

I also find it's especially helpful now that I actively avoid buying lunch at work.

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  1. Hi Meaghan,

    Thank you very much for taking time to write the wonderfully detailed review! Let me know when oh ginger shop reopens.

    Thank you!



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