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Well, it's been about four months since I posted a Reading List.  It's not like I didn't have one in the queue, I just had trouble filling it up!  Lots of busy stuff happening and I haven't been able to read blogs as intently as I'd like.  Nevertheless, here we have seven of my latest favorites.  I'm always looking for suggestions for new blogs to read.  Either shoot me an e-mail or click on the SUBMIT button at the top of the blog and let me know what's too good to pass up.  Happy reading, kids.

Things Organized Neatly - Truth be told, I line up more than just my french fries.  Do you feel like I lied to you?  Sorry about that.  If I can neurotically organize something, I will.  I love this blog because it caters to that compulsion in an intensely creative, inspiring way.  Everything from slices of zucchini to paint-dipped vintage spoons to handsome neckties, all in a row.  Curated by Austin Radcliffe, a BFA Visual Communication major at IU-PUI in Indianapolis.  Spectacular, dude.

Bon Appetempt - Started by Amelia, a 28 year-old writer based in LA, Bon Appetempt is unlike your everyday food blog.  Yes, it has incredible photography and recipes.  It has culinary inspiration and witty prose.  But it's also not afraid to be real,'s not afraid to make mistakes.  I appreciate Amelia's sense of humor as well as her honesty.  It started off as something self-deprecative and has turned into a gift, based on what I've read about Amelia's start, collapse and subsequent transformation.  It's a good one.  And I have Chickadee to thank for turning me onto it.  Muah!

dwelling gawker - Like its predecessors food gawker and craft gawker, dwelling gawker is an homage to everything that is encapsulated in the word "dwelling".  An incredibly diverse and expertly curated collection of home design and decor, from low end to high brow, lazy to luxurious, posh to pauper.  I'm impressed with the gawker family and dwelling gawker is simply the next layer of buttercream on this scrumptious aggregator cake.

Meat Sections -  A collection of dissection, Meat Sections is the most incredible thing to escape an artist's brain in a long, long time.  Alyson of Drywell put together this project about 227 days ago and has shared with the internet an incredible collection of sectionized meat and non-meat products.  The butchery-style images run the gamut from digital drawing to watercolors to papercuts to jiggly Jello.  I'm astounded by the ways in which this woman's brain works and I laugh to myself in silly (and sometimes sinister) ways whenever a new section is posted.  Fear not vegans/vegetarians for not all of Alyson's butchery is meat-based; she does a number of veggies, caffeine, baked goods and beer too.  Check out Drywell the shop, where many Meat Sections are available for purchase, and Drywell the blog for more awesomeness.  All of the awesomeness, however, is collected on the new Drywell website!

The Dieline - Package design is a fascinating thing, indeed.  This blog collects some of the most incredible new design and posts homages to effective, inspiring vintage design.  It's a great resource for indie designers/crafters and puts proof in the pudding that consumers like a badass package as much as the product contained within.

Food in Jars - As I continue to navigate the wild ride of preservation/canning, I'm happy to have blogs like Food in Jars available.  There is plenty of practical advice tucked into the archives filled with canning inspiration.  Another helpful component is the perspective Food in Jars provides...when you hear that someone has canned 60 pounds of tomatoes, what does that look like to you?  Food in Jars has the answer!  The photography is good, helpful but not superfluous and Marisa McClellan, the woman behind the blog, is very clear about tested recipes, canning standards and the rules behind the game.  There is also a very helpful recipe index and tons of helpful resources.

June Craft - A little bit of craft, a little bit of design, a little bit of family.  Not too many posts, but just enough.  A monthly desktop calendar, shop updates and tons of motivation wrapped up in crafty inspiration.  I like June Craft because it doesn't try too hard, but manages to still be exciting and encouraging.  Kayanna is open about her experiences as an indie crafter, including tons of great photos, and she makes me want to stay involved.  You also must check out her recently revamped craft room - so cute!  June Craft sells awesome art and plush, too.

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[Image courtesy Day 93 of Meat Sections]

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