More new stitches.

I continue to stitch as much as I can, playing with new ideas and colors.  Though I would love to stick to a few select colors and call them a "line" I cannot avoid using up every last centimeter of scrap ribbon, thread and felt.  Generating less waste and wasting less money has become part of my craft as much as crafting, really.

Vintage brass frames with floral stitches inspired by delphinium and pincushion plants.  The oval frame is 4" from top to bottom, and the square frame is a wee 2" from top to bottom.

Calling this CAPTURED for now. It's imported Italian cotton ribbon with super soft felt triangles captured between the weave.  I have a few more of these in process at home.  This is in an 8" hoop.

This was mostly an experiment.  Layers of imported Italian cotton ribbon in a delicate open weave with off-center bowtie stitches holding them in place.  This is in a 5" oval frame.  Em really loves's totally preppy boy stitchin'.

Calling this PIECES for now and it's made with, you guessed it, pieces of scrap felt.  In addition to my love of florals, I am also fond of basic geometric shapes.  In this case, triangles with a parallelogram-ish wedge thrown into the mix.  This is fitted into a 3" hoop...tiny!


  1. absolutely love the ones in the frames!!

  2. Muy interesantes tus pequeñas labores y muy bonitas, saludos desde México.

  3. what talent

    Love, mom


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