Marvelous: steam engine

I'm always on the lookout for train photography, handcrafted pieces and vintage memorabilia.  My grandfather, Pop Pop, was an engineer for Southern Railway and Amtrak for over 40 years.  I had my very own pair of Osk Kosh train overalls, a train cap and a kerchief tied around my neck and I'd do ride alongs with him and my Nanny (grandma) as often as I could.  This photograph, though of a steamer and not anything my Pop Pop engineered during my lifetime, reminds me of the trains we saw and talked about in the Smithsonian and the life I imagine he led long before I was born.  Bucks County Frames/Integrity Studio is the life's work of Carl Christensen and is filled with lovely and inspiring photography and hand-crafted wood frames. 

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