Local: Canning classes at Hill's Kitchen

You learned a few weeks ago that without Nicole of Gin and Pickles, I wouldn't know how to can and preserve food.  I'm pleased to announce that Nicole will be teaching two classes at Hill's Kitchen in Eastern Market/Capitol Hill in October.  Priced at only $45 per class, you'll be able to learn from a master.  No really!  She's a Master Food Preserver, certified by University of Wisconsin Extension Services earlier this year. 

Each class will focus on preserving everyone's favorite autumnal fruit, apples.  More information is available about the classes by visiting this newsletter from Hill's Kitchen.  To sign up for the October 2nd or October 30th classes, contact events@hillskitchen.com.  There are a limited number of spaces, so make sure you sign up soon if you're interested!  I highly recommend both the venue and the instructor!

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