In the kitchen: white chocolate pretzels

I've had a hankering for a few weeks for white chocolate covered pretzels.  When I was a Girl Scout, I remember making them for some sort of meeting or event.  The flavor is one that's stuck with me since I was a kid; like Spritz cookies, my mom's homemade applesauce, my great-grandma's Thanksgiving stuffing and Em's dad's sockarooni (meatballs and sauce based on Grandma G's 100% Italian recipe).  I collected the supplies, white chocolate chips and pretzel rods, over the weekend and dug out some autumnal sprinkles I saved from a trip to the cake and candy store.  Em valiantly melted the white chocolate for me (I fail at the chocolate melting) and we sat together dipping and sprinkling until we finished the bag of pretzels.

These will be distributed between our two workplaces.  However, the best part - the little morsels that hide in the bottom of the bag?  Dip them into the chocolate and then hide them somewhere in the kitchen.  Do not share these delectable little nubbins as they are the tastiest.


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