A friend in need.

Lori of Isabel's Rose, an incredible glass artist, is currently facing some seriously challenging life events.  Her mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and Lori has been shuttling 70 miles regularly to help care for her, all the while also raising her four year-old daughter.  As a result, she hasn't been able to focus on her business as much as she'd like...a completely understandable and frustratingly sad consequence of being self-employed.  Now her ability to keep her home is in jeopardy. 

Isabel's Rose is a collection of truly lovely glass jewelry.  She sells loose beads and finished pieces, running the gamut from cutesy cupcakes to sinister kitties and skull-and-crossbones...and her signature blue bird too!  Her craftsmanship is top notch, her pieces finished off with the perfect chains and other embellishments.  Please take a moment to stop by her new shop on Big Cartel or visit her old shop on Etsy.  All shoppers at her NEW shop have the opportunity to get 25% off their entire order by using the coupon code SEPTSALE. On top of that, she's offering a free gift (after the sale prices have been tabulated) for any purchase over $75 (a free birdie, cupcake or mushroom).  Quite a generous offer for a self-employed artist, I say.

There's also a special chance to win I'm only making available on my Facebook page.  Head over there to find out more details! HINT: free cupcake!

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