Do they make me look smarter?

Six years ago, I had an eye exam and purchased two new pairs of glasses.  Two years ago, I helped produce a Hoedown-themed fundraiser for a local music festival.  After too many plastic cowboy boots filled with Jack Daniels (and Coke...and maraschino cherries...because I go big or I go home*), I brilliantly threw away my preferred frames along with other helpful supplies like my favorite pair of scissors.  For the past two years I've worn the back-up pair, which never really fit correctly.  They were too small for my big head and constantly slid off or down my nose.

In any case, allow me to present my new frames!  On the left, a pair of olive green frames, on the right a classic and simple pair of black frames.  I'd like to thank myself for remembering to upgrade my insurance plan during open season for the first time in five years, Em for helping me pick out the frames and for going with me to get Auntie Anne's pretzels after the appointments, and Dr. Song for checking out my eyes and having no idea how to turn off his obnoxious iPhone alarm.  I'd also like to thank the guy who answered the phone when I called on Tuesday to check on the status of my glasses (I enjoy a good fight about the date/day of the week every now and then) and Regina the sales associate who was just surly and annoyed enough to be amusing.

Let us all pray that these frames last as long as the old pair, and that neither of them meet their premature demise in the bottom of a lesbian dive bar trash can.

* I should've gone home.


  1. You do look smarter. But we know you were already smart.

  2. very smart! and cute!


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