Back in the saddle.

It's taken far too long for me to hitch up my britches and start crafting again.  I combed through pages and pages of images I had collected of my own work, trying to see where I'd go next.  Today I just sat at my craft desk and started something, without any idea where I'd take it.  A few ripped out stitches and puzzled stares later, we have these three wall art pieces.

[click images to enlarge for detail]

I used imported Italian cotton ribbon from Angela Liguori's sample pack - there were a variety of colors and weaves to choose from and I thought it was a more refined complement to the rick rack pieces I've done before.  The ribbon itself is divine, soft but also starchy so it doesn't warp and bend during stitching.  The background fabric is 100% linen in a lovely natural shade.  I incorporated more than just straight stitches in these pieces, opting to do some freehand "cross stitching" too.  These pieces are also a little "higher end" than the stitched things I've done before - better quality materials.  I'm pretty happy with them!  I'm not sure if I'll put these up in the shop.  Any input from the crowd is more than welcome.


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