My mom carries a little box of crafts around with her when she travels.  More often than not, it's filled with quilling supplies, an accessory hobby to her bigger hobby of papercrafting stationery, and at any given moment she has between 10 and 50 designs in the works.  During her recent visit here, we played a little bit with quilling and she tried to teach me the basics.  It isn't easy.  It took me close to an hour to create that weird pot of leaves you see above.  Meanwhile, she was able to turn out a ladybug and six flowers in varying shades of purple, the scraps turned into a multishade purple flower for me.  Each of these pieces is less than two inches tall...TWO INCHES!

There have been a number of ad campaigns and commercials lately featuring variations on quilling, Yulia Brodskaya being on of the most notable paper illustrators.  There are also a number of quilling tutorials at Martha Stewart's website, too.  My favorite piece, other than my mother's master creations, is this Stern Grove poster.  Spectacular.

Finally, inspired by June Crafts and her gorgeous monthly desktop calendars, I turned a photograph of my wacky quilled plant into a desktop calendar.  I use one at work and find it a really quick reference when I'm working.  It helps to have an inspirational and crafty image there too!  Using my mediocre design skills, I've created a few different sizes of the desktop calendar for y'all.  Just follow the links below with your preferred size (in pixels) and right click (ctrl+click on a Mac) to save these as background images on your desktop.  If you have any problems or questions, or if you need a different size, let me know! Happy September, kids.

EDIT: I realized too late that the dates were messed up in the middle and that has been fixed!  My apologies.


  1. Beautiful. You are so talented. Mom

  2. I love Yulia's Stern Grove poster too. (Who am I kidding? I love ALL of her work!) Your little pot is cute... don't worry, if you keep at it, you'll soon be able to quill just like your mom. People usually think because they're using such simple supplies, fine quilling should happen like magic, but as with anything, it takes practice.


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