I remembered two things this weekend.

Swimming - in a pool, in a lake, in your bathtub - is good for your soul. I spent a solid four hours playing joyfully with Ruby and Angela at Bull Run's Atlantis water park on Saturday and had an incredible time.  We floated in the four and five-feet deep water, went down water slides, and relished in the adrenaline rush of having many, MANY gallons of water dumped on your head from a wonderful water spouting attraction.  We enjoyed funnel cake and laughed until we couldn't breathe.  As the skies filled with clouds, we still frolicked in the cool water until our hands were purple and we were shivering.  It was the best day.

Roller skating is like riding a bicycle.  You never forget.  On Sunday we took our activities indoors and went to Skate-N-Fun Zone in Manassas, VA for some old-fashioned roller skating.  When I was a kid, I spent a significant amount of time in Manassas at Skate City, which has since closed, but I was excited to hear that there was still a rink open nearby.  Skate-N-Fun Zone is much larger, with some arcade games, a full service eating area, and themed day and evening events.  The rink floor is in great condition, the rental skates seem to be brand new and are incredibly comfortable and supportive, and the music has potential.  It was an afternoon kids-themed skate, so we had to deal with some Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, but overall we had an incredible time.  There were some teenage boys there who deserve their own television show...not only are they talented roller-skaters but they are so full of personality.  It was refreshing to see kids over the age of 10 enjoying the activity.  As the afternoon wore on, we had to contend with some annoying roller derby girls who decided to take over the rink with their unscheduled practicing, only solidifying my distaste for all things roller derby.  Nevertheless, we survived the day with all our bones unbroken, sweaty and laughing.  I'm confident we'll be back soon for an adult skate in the near future.

Image: Deep by AliciaBlock - $35
Image: Vintage Rollerskates by dnoyes - $15

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