The Absolutely Supermarket

I'm trying to spread my wings and find things I love, and can subsequently share here at Oh Meaghan, on websites other than Etsy.  This isn't because I have objections to how they run their's because I can't find anything on there anymore except vintage awesomeness and supplies.  Their search engine has gone down the shitter, if you will.  As a result, I've subscribed to blogs and RSS feeds for places out of the ordinary and I've been able to discover (for myself, anyway) some really spectacular things!

One of my favorite places is Supermarket.  It's essentially a curated shopping venue with the accessibility of Etsy without the visual distraction of, well, Etsy.  It has a crisp, clean and simple aesthetic that mimics Big Cartel, but each seller is distinctly linked to Supermarket which gives you a community feel.  There are some incredible handcrafted things as well as commercial produced design work.  It gives me hope...and despair, because my wallet weeps every time I click "favorite" at the bottom of the page.  Anyone interested in curating a list of favorites on Supermarket can do so, but the process isn't exactly intuitive.  I believe in you, though.  You can do it.  And you should.

The above image is a collection of my favorites, which can be found by clicking here!

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