One of these things is not like the other.

Unlike sporting events like the Superbowl and World Series that play to Americans and their lack of an attention span, I'm much more comfortable getting excited about international competitions like the Olympics and the World Cup, which happen every two or four years.  I am lazy.  I've known Christine and Katherine since we were five and over the past year or so, we've spent lots of time together catching up and doing fun things like watching movies in a rich family's gigantic movie theater, swimming and monthly sushi nights.  Though they were born stateside, Chris and Kat are the children of Argentine immigrants and they were whipped up like you wouldn't believe as the World Cup crept closer.  Though Argentina is now out of the competition, I had a lot of fun watching the World Cup games over the past couple weeks.  It's really nice to watch a sport that doesn't position America as the favorite or even the underdog, but just one of many countries in this great big world vying for the honor of champion.  I made these cupcakes for the Argentina v. Mexico game and I'm kicking myself for not making a variation for the Argentina v. Germany game.  Sweet, buttery good luck charms.  And a close second to the one true Argentine good luck charm, Chris and Kat's mother's empanadas. 

In other news, our apartment complex redeemed itself the other day from all the chaos we've dealt with lately by notifying me that I won a Skittle counting game they hosted for Resident Appreciation Month in June.  I have played this game so many times, folks.  Haven't we all?  Who wins this stuff?  The business manager for the complex told me that someone came in last year with a protractor and scientific calculator to figure out how many Skittles were in the jar.  While waiting for a package one day, I counted the bottom layer of the jar, estimated the number of layers, did a little multiplication in my head and decided there were approximately 2,300 Skittles in the jar.  As it turns out, there were 2,309.  Not only have I won a ridiculously heavy jar of Skittles that I won't even eat because I'm paranoid about my temporary crown, but I also won a 3G/WIFI Barnes & Noble Nook!  As my best bucko reminded me, I have been very opposed to e-Readers in general.  I like books, and I believe in them.  But, I want to give it a try because I'm running out of room on my bookshelf since the Romance Novel Summer Ritual began last month.  If I can save some paper (and embarrassment when my father's in town and he checks out my bookshelves), I'll consider it a worthy investment of my guessing prowess.

Have a great weekend, kids.

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