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I know this is all my fault.  In lieu of more sophisticated things like politics or social justice, I have whittled down my blog reading to pretty much three genres: crafting, food and design (ok, and pugs, too) .  So many things can be aggregated into an RSS reader these days, and I can't stop myself from clicking that little orange button no matter where I go.  As a result, I continue to add to the pile of things I want or want to do every day.  My aunt told me once that she didn't need to read some of my back issues of Bon Appetit because she had decided that she had enough recipes already and adding more would just mean they never came to fruition.  I wonder when it'll be appropriate for me to stop collecting links to pretty things to make or buy.  Certainly I'm not ready yet...

Kleenex has really done a fabulous job at hiring designers for their boxes over the past year or two.  But if you're interested in a more consistent look, because their designs seem to be seasonal, I am confident that wrapping a small box up in one of these sharp and smart covers (which come in a variety of sizes/colors/patterns) would be absolutely gorgeous.  I'm considering one for my desk at work, actually!

If you're not already following Angela Liguori's blog, I suggest you add it to your daily (or weekly) reads.  She shares so many wonderful things...from shop updates to design inspiration, travels and stories, and even updates about design friends and their new lines.  The other day she shared that her friend, Susy Pilgrim Waters, an illustrator and designer, has a new line of tea towels at Crate & Barrel.  I am head over heels for this one in particular, but there's a gorgeous green one too!

Perhaps one of the most irritating parts of travel prep (for me) is packing a cosmetic/bathroom bag.  They are never the right size, the material isn't exactly washable, and the pockets they provide are never especially helpful.  The zipper always breaks, they are often ugly, and they're tapered in all the wrong places.  I was relieved to find this tutorial for a make-your-own dopp kit from the purl bee which has both shape and function, as well as being washable and easily customizable.  Fortunately, I am lucky to know a Bird who can help me pull it all together.

Copper is absolutely beautiful, incredibly affordable and one of my favorite metals.  Sadly, my skin turns green with any prolonged contact from it!  I'm constantly on the lookout for jewelry that features copper prominently without necessarily having any components that touch my skin, and these caught my eye!  I love the delicate swoop of the copper portion, especially the light texturization, and I know for a fact that the sterling silver earwires won't bother my lobes one bit!

I must admit...I already have one of these!  And two others - I couldn't resist.  Ashley Goldberg, the woman behind these incredible miniature works of art stole my heart when, instead of placing her designs on canvas or paper, she painted them on porcelain and fired them up to turn them into lifetime treasures.  I have a collection of three hanging at my cubicle now - an orange raindrop, the abstract round featured above, and the Professor.  They make me smile every time I look at them.  These would be great in your cubicle, as a small token of appreciation, or even as ornaments (because I never stop thinking about Christmas).

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