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There is probably a substantial amount of money that can be saved by perusing (and shopping for) vintage goodies in the old shops and warehouses speckled throughout the western half of the mid-Atlantic.  Alas, I never make it out there.  Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with the excess of Civil War ephemera that dominates antique malls and vintage shops in places like Manassas, Gainesville and Winchester.  Other times, I feel so overwhelmingly compelled to buy that I wind up collecting things I don't need like top hat shaped ashtrays and pictures of people to whom I am not related.

Instant Collection of Smoking Pipes from Sweet Love Vintage - Pink Glass Clock from Johnny Vintage

I much prefer the leisurely activity of perusing vintage online and I love that Etsy vintage sellers have shops that are so well curated AND that you can add shop RSS feeds to your Google Reader (or whatever you use) to easily have access to the latest additions to the shop.  Simply go to your favorite shop's front page, scroll down about halfway and locate the orange button next to text that reads "Subscribe to shop feed".  If you have Google Reader set up, you can store all of your favorite shop feeds in a folder labeled Shopping or Champagne Wishes or Caviar Dreams.  Use the feed to get ideas about the kind of decor you'd like in your own home and buy things outright, or as a way to find supplies for a special multimedia project, or even just because (like me) you like pretty things such as handpainted enamel dustpans, vintage Hazel Atlas glass pieces and vintage pipe collections.  You'll find that your wishlists will grow exponentially, but in the meantime you'll stay away from the places like HomeGoods that lure you in with their misspelled imported newness.  There is nothing more beautiful than the stuff that was made in the olden days.

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