Fancy Bolts - the apron you've always wanted.

My dear sweet friend Nicole...also known as fiercegrrl around these parts...has opened up an Etsy shop dedicated to her crafty awesomeness.  Though she was trained in glass blowing at VCU, Nicole is the kind of crafter I want to be when I grow up.  Not only does she construct the most gorgeous glass pieces I have ever seen, but she screenprints, sews, bakes, cans, gardens and can even renovate old houses.  She is absolutely amazing.  Her energy astounds me, too; were I battling cancer like she is, I doubt I would have the stamina to to do everything she manages to do each day.  She is truly living life the way it should be lived.

In order to support her adorable fabric addiction and to dress the masses in the cutest, one-of-a-kind, vintage-inspired aprons known to mankind, Nicole has opened up an Etsy shop.  Fancy Bolts is currently stocked with four absolutely adorable aprons featuring a combination of vintage and contemporary fabrics, appliqued screenprints made by Nicole herself and other sweet touches like fuzzy ball trims and satin ribbon.  They are an absolute bargain at $40/each.  And there are more on the way!  The aprons are expertly constructed, durable and make you feel like the fanciest cook in all the land.  Em and I each have our own aprons hanging proudly in our kitchen.  Please visit Fancy Bolts and pick up an apron for yourself, for a friend, or even contact Nicole directly to request a custom apron.  She makes them for kids and grownups, in every color and pattern imaginable and is very eager to please.

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