"Does he get to make lanyards?!"

When my dad learned that Seamus was going to attend day camp many months ago, he asked that question and then promptly burst into a fit of laughter.  He's a jokester, that Pete.

In any case, two awesome camp-oriented things managed to stroll past me in the past 24 hours and I feel compelled to share.  The first?  The Girl Scouts, of which I was a member for eight years, has a new logo!  It's a wonderful shade of green with a simple sans serif complementary font - a chubby twist on Avenir.  The trefoil even has a girl with bangs...how hip!  The Girl Scouts are what the Boy Scouts should be, really. Non-denominational, inspirational and full of opportunities to build confidence and skillsets for life.

Also, a summer without Girl Scout camp was a sad summer indeed. A week at camp without friendship bracelets?  Misery!  Also featured above are a huge and hip alternative to the delicately knotted friendship bracelets of our childhoods. These soft cotton bracelets come in fabulous colors, and are economically priced at $22. 

[Images courtesy Brand New and Bhalo]

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