Christmas in celebrated, right?

Not to put too fine a point on it, but I am completely in love with Christmas.  So when you think of a house covered in twinkle lights, inflatable Santa and his reindeer in the middle of the lawn and external stereos blasting holiday music so passers-by can get into the spirit...that's pretty much what the inside of my head is like on most days (even outside the Christmas season).  Often, when I'm working on something at home or work, I'll play Christmas music - specifically my "There's No Place Like Home" Pandora station, which you can enjoy by clicking this link!  I watched Home Alone on Saturday, I keep my meager (in the grand scheme of things, it's small) collection of Christmas decorations stored inconveniently in my laundry room and shove more necessary things like coolers and extra-large pots and pans in a storage closet adjacent to our apartment.  All that so when I do laundry on Fridays, I can look up at the rolls of wrapping paper and the fake Christmas tree box and sigh, heavily, knowing that Christmas is only X-number of days away.

That being said, I've never really understood Christmas in July but I'm not stupid enough to foresake an opportunity to celebrate it.  Yesterday I was preoccupied with learning an incredibly fascinating skill and I wasn't able to dress Seamus up in a Santa Suit, cuddle him and watch White Christmas while sipping hot cocoa.  But do not doubt for a second that I thought about it...a lot...and these are some of the sugar plums that have danced themselves onto my wishlist for this year's Christmas festivities.

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