And when he read us stories, he used all the best voices.

Though he's probably the last person on Earth who would want to be featured in "one of those blog things", I do need to tell you all that my charming, handsome, hilarious and completely brilliant father turned 64 yesterday.  He doesn't look it and he sure doesn't act it.  Most people who have known me (and my mother) for quite a while would try to convince you that I'm practically a clone of my mother.  Realistically, I am.  However, when it comes to sass, snark, intellect or the giggles that overcome me when I've had a wee too much to drink...I am my father's daughter.  Oh, also that part where my face gets really red when I'm angry about something.  Him, too.  So Happy Birthday, Daddy!  I love you.

I will have more to say when there is not a spreadsheet on my work desk, snickering sinisterly whenever I walk in the door.  My eyes are crossing against my will at this point.  I'm going to relax them by indulging in some So You Think You Can Dance and Top Chef, and I'll have something more substantial to say as the weekend draws near.

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