You can chase right up and touch the sky.

Last night I wrote a beautiful and moving post about how summer turns me into the country bumpkin my Pop Pop (grandpa) always wanted me to be, but Blogger ate it.  There were thoughts about music - downhome country music - and how I cannot disassociate Johnny Cash from the summers I spent in Pop Pop's log cabin.  Thoughts about picking fruits and vegetables out of the ground and off the trees, eating them without washing them first, the juices dripping down my chin and covering my shirt.  Eating with reckless abandon.  My Nanny (grandma) chasing me around the house with a spoonful of cold squash salad, even though I hated it until I was an adult.

I wrote about crabbing with the endless supply of old meat Nanny kept in the freezer and saying things like "knee high until the fourth of Joooo-ly".  Whistling with grass between your thumbs.  The tent that I erected in the front yard of The Depot and didn't take down until the school year started again.  Running through sprinklers that fan out like jazz hands for hours on end.  Taking afternoon naps by accident on the front porch hammocks.  And then, when I was older, concerts in outdoor arenas where sweat spilled down your asscrack like Niagara Falls but you didn't care because Amy Ray sounded like she was singing to you.  Getting inebriated (and other things) with my outdoorsy, hippie friends in camping cabins and big fields, water fights while you washed the 13-passenger vans preparing for the next round of campers, drunk hikes and midnight zip wire runs.

The point of all the rambling is that I'm itching to have summer happen like that again.  And these things reminded me of all those dirty, sweaty, incandescent summer dreams.  Enjoy.

 Fresh Virginia peaches - you'd be surprised how tasty they can be!

 Popsicles made from juice - specifically gigantic popsicles like this one

 Drinking beverages from Mason Jars - maybe a Bayou Zinger from Project Foodie?

How do you celebrate summer?

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