Summer vacay.

I have quite a bit of stock in my lovely shop and a summer ahead of me full of making things I don't plan to sell.  SO!  In lieu of just letting things linger and not have the opportunity to liven up your lapel or energize your earlobes (*groan*), I'm having a sale.  It's a liquidation, of sorts, but I might be back with awesome new stuff once the summer comes to a close...when the fireflies and their glowing butts fade away and when s'mores seem more like a sticky hassle than a delightful novelty.  So get while the gettin' is good.

Visit and select whatever you'd like knowing that once you type in the coupon code SUMMERVACATION (all caps, one word) your total will be slashed in half (that's 50%, folks!).  It's madness!  If you have any questions, let me know.  Buy something for yourself, for a friend, for now, for later.  I make no assumptions and pass no judgments.  Just get it before it's gone.**

Sale ends on June 15th!  The shop will go night-night and not wake from its solstice slumber until September.  Thanks!

** By "gone" I mean "given to friends" but I'm not going to tell any of my friends who the lucky recipients are, so you'll have to get what you want before someone else does.  Yes, I'm fond of mean jokes, and my friends are always the punchlines. Love yous!

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