Recipe: Ginger Tartarita

My drink of choice for many, MANY years was always a Jack [Daniels] and Coke.  It was simple, unfettered, not terribly sweet or syrupy and it...uh...did the job.  Since I no longer spend an excessive amount of time in bars my interest in drinking has waned to a degree, and in many cases I prefer a nice glass of wine or embellished fruit juice more than I do super-hard liquor.

Em and I went out to dinner last night and I decided to treat myself to a drink. I chose something that presented itself as a more sophisticated twist on a margarita, made with fancy tequila and ruby red grapefruit juice.  I was incredibly pleased with the drink and decided to make my own at home.  Here's how you do it.

Get your ingredients and a container from which to drink this cocktail.  I used an 8oz. vintage Chicago Tribune glass I inherited as part of a set from my dad.  This one reads "FLY U.S. FLAG ON THE MOON".  I'm very patriotic. 
  • 1 oz. tequila - Herradura or Patron are my personal favorites, but use whatever you want
  • 4 oz. ruby red grapefruit juice - or mix it up with some blood orange juice, if you want
  • 2/3s of a glassful of ice
  • a splash (0.5 oz) of ginger ale - if you like sweeter drinks, use 7-Up/Sprite/Sierra Mist
  • yellow glittery swizzle stick - or a swizzle stick of your choosing
Add the tequila.  Add the juice.  Top off with ginger ale and stir.  Voila - a Ginger Tartarita.

Unlike the cloyingly sweet margaritas you find at restaurants and bars, this is light and refreshing while being adequately potent.  I love the gentle tartness upfront and find that the tequila and grapefruit release their sweetness as the flavors linger in my mouth.  There is a very gentle amount of fizz, too.  As far as the cost is concerned, while the tequilas I chose are pricier than most I leave you with this:
One 750mL bottle of Herradura is priced at $45 here in Virginia.  A bottle of grapefruit juice is $3.29.  Small bottles of ginger ale are $3.29/6-pack.  I imagine I could make about 14-15 cocktails with just one bottle of juice.  At least 25 with the bottle of tequila.  One drink at the restaurant cost $8.99.  You do the math!
All in all, a great summer cocktail.  Enjoy!

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  1. delicious! i'll be right over...



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