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It's been a minute since I collected all of my favorite blogs for y'all, so I went through my bookmarks and RSS reader and I've created this amazing AND incredible list for you.  Like the last reading list post, regardless of whether they're old or new, these blogs are relatively new to me.  They are things that I've stumbled across here and there over the past few weeks.  If you're curious about what I'm reading, blogwise, feel free to keep track of my favorite posts and rambling thoughts by visiting here.

Make Nice: CRAFT  -  I used to subscribe to ReadyMade magazine back in the day, but it occurred to me after about two years of "I MUST MAKE THIS" and subsequent zero follow-through, that subscribing to it was simply just making me feel like a failure.  Since blogging has become where it's "at", ReadyMade has morphed itself into an empire of interesting and innovative homegrown design, art, craft and general [home]making.  I didn't realize, however, that they had a craft blog until I was contacted by Polly Conway, their new editor, a few months ago.  Since then, I've followed the blog religiously and I really enjoy it.  It's full of shopping and making inspiration, never lacking in color and Polly's chipper and can-do attitude is both refreshing and palatable.  It's also a nice alternative to the Craft Magazine blog, which I have found to be redundant and sometimes offensive.

Music, Art & Posters  - Honestly, I just found this guy today.  I was checking out the selection of desktop images from Design*Sponge and fell in love with his cityscape from February 2010.  So I wandered to his website and fell in love with his illustrations and graphic design, and then I read his blog and was won over.  My fondness for this guy could be nothing more than I just love his aesthetic, but I found his gocco tutorial easy to read and well-documented, and I noticed that he also announces sales and giveways.  Top that off with his devotion to his cute kitty and new music suggestions, a t-shirt with a dapper dude wrangling a lobstah, and I'm hooked!

so september  - I mentioned September House a few weeks ago when I was discussing my recently acquired needlework patterns and I decided to share Corinne's blog as a new favorite because I just really enjoy it.  Obviously the stitching inspiration is implied...I envy her skill in both designing patterns as well as her color choices and execution.  But there's just a general calm about her posts that I appreciate.  She has posts about food, her life's goings on, and her family.  Overall, it's a wonderfully executed sister-site to a phenomenal crafty business and worthy of a quick tour if not long-term readership.

thimble - Food, crafts, making, music, inspiration, photography.  One of the great sites that manages to pull together everything I love into a tidy and energizing package.  I love the music selections that change often (on the sidebar) and I also suggest you visit goodEGG Industries, Laura's shop that celebrates all things creative and beautiful from Canada.

where the LOVELY things are -There are quite a few blogs out there who do daily picks and inspiration posts that get a little too hipster for me.  WTLTA is a nice pseudo-alternative to those sites.  I was particularly won over by a daily feature called the Mary Poppins Pick, wherein editor Mallory selects a well-designed treat for her readers that is "practically perfect in every way".  There is an intelligence and energy to this blog that is hard to find, and I am constantly wowed by her innovative and interesting discoveries.  Graphic design, art, design, decor, wearables, handmade and crafty's all there!  Feast!

Shorpy - Archives are pretty awesome things.  Collections that are curated and taxonomically invigorating make me very, very excited.  Did I just say that? Shorpy pulls in images from days gone by and has an excess of Washington DC photographs, which pleases me immensely.  History is awesome, especially like this.  Check this out daily.

Mango & Tomato - I was e-introduced to Olga Berman, editor of Mango & Tomato, through a mutual friend a few weeks ago when I was on a quest to find contributors for The Fiercegrrl Fund.  I'm a link follower, and naturally after a few clicks I wound up at M&T and found myself immediately inspired and entertained.  Olga is a local food blogger, to me anyway, and her recipes, photographs and restaurant reviews are fresh and exciting.  It's a wonderful, well-rounded food blog, indeed.  Keep your eyes on The Fiercegrrl Fund, too, where we'll soon be auctioning off knife classes hosted by Olga herself!  I can't wait.

Modern Domestic - A lovely, inspiring local food blog committed to my favorite type of cooking - BAKING!  The blog was started as a side-project and has sort of morphed into a full blown career for the woman behind the scenes.  Over the past few months I've watched as she went from workweek warrior and weekend baker, to fulltime baker and partime bakery apprentice.  Her blog is inspiring in two unique ways: not only are you inspired to bake, which is delicious, but you are inspired to follow your heart even if it seems wild and crazy.  Often ModernDomestic will get together with other DC food bloggers and host bake sales and such.  One day, I will feast on her creations!

Howdy Heidi - I love everything weird and wonderful about Switzerland and this pet project of Tina Roth-Eisenburg (aka: swissmiss) and Switzerland Tourism is a great way for me to get an almost-daily dose of what's hip in der Schweiz.  Videos, images, links, architecture, design and food...if you've ever been curious about what can come out of a tiny neutral landlocked country, you should read this blog.

Sloe Gin Fizz - Another great blog from a well-respected maker and crafty business, Sloe Gin Fizz has an awesome name (it was my first legal cocktail, if you must know) and even greater content.  In addition to featuring her whimsical and delightful drawings, Nicole Ray also manages to pull together delicious recipes, lovely photography, shopping suggestion, inspiration posts and more.

I will say it until I'm blue in the face - I love supporting, reading and shopping from sellers who write blogs that focus on more than just their sales and their scheduled events.  If you give me an idea of how you live, what inspires you and what you do when you're making (and when you're not), I feel a connection to your story.  That's what it's all about!

Thanks for reading!  If you're in the know about some awesome blogs that I should check out, leave a comment here with the links.  I've also put my all-time favorites on the sidebar here at Oh Meaghan, organized into categories...because I'm tidy like that.

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