She loves me, she really loves me!

Do you see that, folks?  Right beneath the bright red arrow?  My mother just called me the "best daughter in the world"...and she even did it on Facebook.  That means 138 people have consistent access to the exciting news that I have redeemed myself in the eyes of my mother for my awful, birthday failing ways

I can't tell you what it feels like to bask in this glory.

Note: The phrase "played with my toys and relaxed" means that she spent the entire afternoon in her scrapbooking room making cards while my father fed himself snacks and made dinner for the two of them.  I think he even turned down the volume on the TV.

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  1. Your dad knows how to turn down the volume on the TV? Can he go to Ohio and teach my dad? :D

    YAYAYAYAYAY so glad your mom has recognized your glory in light of past transgressions. :)


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