Radio Basilisk

In order to prep for my very likely trip to the Mutterland in October, I've started listening to Radio Basilisk, which was my go-to station when I was a nanny in that fine country.  They offer live streaming radio if you're interested in hearing a 107.3FM equivalent from the land of yodels and hazelnuts*.

I'm surprised that I missed this song when I was living in Switzerland, actually, as it hit the charts in 2000 and was incredibly popular there.  Nevertheless, when it came onto the radio today I caught myself dancing in my chair.  Europop music, especially the videos, are ridiculous.  Yannick is a French-born rapper who hit it big time in the early 2000s, achieving the great feat of one of France's best-selling pop singles of all time. I appreciate that this video takes itself half-seriously, even though it's a French disco cover. Ces soirées-là!

* Hat tip to Angela for that vivid description of der Schweiz.

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