The quest for end tables.

I've had a red, folding, slated table that I bought on a whim about five years ago from TJ Maxx for about $40.  When I was single, it served as my nightstand (or craft desk) and I LOVE IT.  It's imperfect, rustic, sturdy and delightfully portable.  It folds flat and has even helped me out at a craft show or two.  It has served as a end table for our futon for quite a while, through numerous moves and room layouts.  Now that we have a real sofa, though, I need to find something that is affordable, durable (because we forget to use coasters sometimes) and that isn't too stylized.  I've scoured all the usual internet places trying to find something that fulfilled all of those requirements.  There are some hideous end tables out there, folks.

I don't have the patience or space to find some awesome tables at a thrift store and restore them, no matter how much I would like to do so.  Last night, as I was constructing a Dream List (something I do often for various projects and ideas in my life) for the bedroom, I decided to click on the furniture section at The Company Store.  I saw some pretty cute, functional side tables in great colors that could work.  They were a great price and would fit perfectly in the space.  For some reason, I clicked on the link for outdoor furniture, despite the fact that we don't even have a patio, and saw the end tables at the beginning of this post.  First, they are the perfect height for our low-slung couch.  Second, they are moisture resistant, durable, foldable and have soft corners.  Finally, THEY HAVE THEM IN RED!  Though slightly more refined than my rugged TJ Maxx table, they have the same relaxed charm.  They are also on sale and insanely more affordable than the "indoor" options, which all seemed to fall within a $100-$500 price range.  If I'm ever inclined to change the look of the living room, these will transition easily to a patio or backyard as end tables or plant stands.  It's a win-win situation and I can't wait until they arrive.

[Image courtesy The Company Store]

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